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Our planning application for the refurbishment and development of Brincliffe House is about to be submitted to Sheffield City Council by our Architects Tatlow Stancer Architecture Design.

We are committed to keeping neighbours and local community organisations informed of our plans to return the old house (formerly used by the NHS as Offices) back to domestic use for On The Brink members and establish the site as a new cohousing community.

This planning application focuses on the subdivision and conversion of the office layout of the house into living space and and shared facilities for our members.

You can find details of the application here on our website and on Sheffield City Council’s website:

We are also inviting you to come to view the plans we have submitted and discuss the details with us at Brincliffe House on:

Tuesday evening 12th April between 6pm and 7.30pm and 
Saturday morning 16th April between 11am and 12.30am.
Tea and cakes will be provided at each meeting

If you cannot make either of these meetings and you want to discuss any part of our planning application then please contact us on:

We hope that you will agree with our plans for bringing this lovely house back into residential use and we would like you to take a moment to add your voice in support of our planning application by writing your comments onto the City Council’s website.

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