It’s cold outside – but warm in our hearts


Although it is a snowy day and the builders are taking a well-earned holiday, there’s a lot of building work progress to report.

Look at the picture above.  On the top floor new windows have appeared – bringing light to all the flats on that level.

While inside many of the spaces are just about ready for their final fix and then it’s just fitting the kitchens and decorating to go.


In Jane’s flat these wonderful shutters have been found to be in good working order having been shut up and painted over since 1953.


There’s a new ‘nook’ been created for our wood-burning stove – and a stainless steel flue has been fitted.


We understand that this picture of the cellar space won’t mean much to you, but we have discovered that the basement has wonderful flagstone flooring.  We had been worried that it would need lots of remedial work to make the space useable.

There’s lots of evidence of great progress in the building – but Mambo remains rather unimpressed…IMG_1027





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