Where are we up to?

Brincliffe House is rapidly transforming into a dwelling for 16 of the 20 current members of On the Brink Co-housing Community. The newly built Coach House, on the foundations of an old existing house will be home to one other member.
We have not all been able to see much of what’s going on, because the builders have been busy and we don’t want to delay them by getting in their way, but we anticipate that we have only about a month to go before those of us who will live in the old house and the Coach House will be able to move in. What we have been able to see is truly amazing, new kitchen units transforming old office rooms into useful and welcoming spaces for individuals and for community use, and cleverly designed staircases leading to what was the roof space, and which will soon be stunning rooftop apartments. Bathroom tiling is done and paint is on some of the walls. Carpets for the communal corridors and stairs have been chosen with much thought and care – (by us all!) and are on order. We are getting a taste of what it will be like to make decisions together about our living together, and we find that as we get to know each other we can look forward to spectacularly good spinach fritters and quiche with eggs from our one (so far), chicken when we meet. The members of the community who will not be living in the refurbished house or the Coach House are working with the architects on the submission of a planning application for an extension to the house, which will hopefully accommodate them and one or two new members.


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