We’ve only gone and done it!

The conversion of Brincliffe House is complete.  Eleven new flats have been created and a spanking new Coach House has been built. Although there are some inevitable final bits of painting, electrical adjustments and joinery still going on around us we have taken possession of the building.  The builders’ signs have been taken down from the gates and we are starting to make ourselves at home.

The stream of building contractors’ vans has been replaced by a stream of removal vans and delivery vans for bits and pieces for each flat and for the shared spaces. The garden is thriving, thanks to the hard work of the flower and veg growers, the terrace builders and the evening waterers – including the two resident children who have loved joining in the fun on these warm days, and to the organised posses who meet every so often to clear bindweed, cut back nettles and set things straight.

It’s wonderful.  Some years ago, when we first met our architects, they promised us that each and every flat would be special in its own way. And so it has come to pass. Each flat has amazing features – some very special spaces have been created and the WOW factor is apparent throughout our new building.  WOW!

Hey, with a lot of help we have built the place.  Now we are starting to build the community.  Over the last couple of years we have only come to know each other through business meetings and the occasional social and team-building events. Now we will be living together and finding out what Cohousing actually means for us.  Watch this space.

And of course we are in the process of designing four new flats.  We rather grandly are calling this ‘PHASE TWO’.  The architects have once again sharpened their pencils and are producing the designs for the new buildings in the grounds.  These will be submitted for planning approval in the next month or so.  Watch this space.



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