Is it always summer at Brincliffe House?

Our beautiful old house and brilliant new Coach House are now fully occupied: the first members of the group moved in on 2nd May and the last a month later. We’re now settling in to the rhythm of life here – but one outstanding feature has presided since we moved in: the weather has been amazing, and we hardly know what it’s like to feel a bit chilly or what happens when it rains here.
We are all too aware that this summer’s weather is two edged, as it represents a change in climate which may be lovely for us as we bask in sunshine and sit out in the courtyard after dark, but that it has far different consequences for countries experiencing drought, floods and fires. So we are trying to work out ways of minimising our own footprints. We have learned about the capricious bus routes, some of us are feeling slimmer and fitter as we walk more, we are sharing cars as much as possible for essential journeys. We are saving water to water the plants in the thriving garden, where we are composting, re-using as much material as possible and already growing substantial amounts of food. We have new solar panels on the roof, which supply electricity to the Coach House. We are learning from each other and from friends how to minimise the impact of our living on the environment.

We have had two gorgeous parties marking significant birthdays, and welcomed our neighbours in for tea and cake and a good look round. We are planning more events- we will be inviting the past NHS workers to come and see the finished building, and will host more events as time goes on. Several of us have hosted visitors and everyone agrees that we have a really lovely place to call home.

Working parties have cleared large areas of the garden, sealed the cleaned tiles in

the entrance hallways, and chosen decorations and pictures for the walls of the shared spaces. There’s lots more to do…

And for the next major bit of work – which we are calling Phase 2, we are about to submit a planning application for four new dwellings which our architects are working on as we speak.

Watch this space!


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