Conversion Plans

We are committed to keeping our neighbours and the wider community informed about the refurbishment of Brincliffe House.

Following is a 3D graphic of what the house will look like:

We are pleased to say that our plans have now been approved and work is well underway! You can see the details of the planning application approval if you click on:

You can click on further links below to see detailed drawings of our plans and other supporting documents can be viewed on the Sheffield Council Planning Website

The application number is 16/01197/FUL

15967_11_A1_Proposed Plans_2016_03_23

15967_10_A1_Proposed Site Plan_2016_03_23

15967_06_A1_Existing Elevations_2016_03_23

15967_20_A3_Proposed Coach House_2016_03_23 2

15967_01_A4_Location Plan_2016_03_23

15967_03_A1_Existing Plans_2016_03_23

15967_20_A3_Proposed Coach House_2016_03_23

15967_18_A1_Proposed Elevations_2016_03_23